Photo by: Maria Gomezo

Photo by: Maria Gomezo


Regular Fee Structure 

(subject to change based on availability 

and other factors please contact me for 

current rates)


Facilitation Day: $1000-2000


Training Day: $1000-2000


Day plus simultaneous training: $1500-3000

Hourly Facilitation Rate: $100-200


Personal Coaching & Consultation: $100-200/hr


Writing and research: $750/day or $100/hr


Hourly planning: $100/hour


Travel time: $300/day

Grassroots and Under-funded Organizations



Facilitation Day: $750


Training Day: $750


Facilitation Day + simultaneous training: $1000


Weekly or Multi-Day: $750/day


Personal Coaching: $75/hour


Writing and research: $500/day


Organization Consultation: $100/hour


Hourly planning: $50/hour 


Travel Time: $300/day

** Applicable taxes (GST/HST) are not included.

Rates are negotiable if necessary. In kind exchanges and sliding scale can be considered.

Note: Sliding scale is intended for those with systemic barriers to employment. Please email for clarification if necessary.

Invoices will show discount. Travel expenses must be covered and are not included. International exchange rates must be negotiated. Rates are subject to change.


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I have had the great pleasure of working with Nadia for much more than a decade on countless projects. I can attest to her visionary power as a educator, facilitator, and leader. Nadia has the incredible capacity to very quickly understand the unique dynamics influencing and/or enabling the individuals and groups with whom she works. This in combination with her mastery in curriculum design and group process, her sharp and holistic political and cultural analysis, her wide well of empathy, and her grounded intuition, mean that any experience Nadia designs provokes transformation. She almost effortlessly generates safety while also encouraging individuals and groups to scale their learning and creative edges, unlocking possibility. Nadia brings humor, depth, honesty, and wisdom to all of her work; while embodying flexibility, innovation, and a daring belief in the implicit value of each individual with whom she works. As a co-facilitator Nadia is a rock providing anchor in the face of even the most challenging situations.

mia susan amir, MFA, Creative Director, The Story We Be, Vancouver BC