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Photo by Kimura Byol

Since 2002 I have facilitated well over 2000 international events, workshops, and trainings. I am known for my ability to clarify and simplify complex concepts, my ability to work with participant resistance and challenging dynamics, as well as my creative and bold arts-based designs. I am also known for my powerful diversity, inclusion and participatory practices.  I love to bring meaningful play to groups that are interested in creating powerful outcomes.


I am a professional poet, performer and lyricist with a strong interest in musical improvisation, automatic drawing and authentic movement.  I bring these all to my training and facilitation practices in an authentic and magnetic style, rich with imagination and humour.


I hold a Master’s degree in Education, with a focus on Imaginative Education and the use of metaphor in group leadership, and well as a diploma in Dialogue and Negotiation, and an advanced post-grad certificate in Expressive Art Therapy. My current research is in Time and Temporality in group process. I have been fortunate to study and work alongside some of the world’s most cutting edge teachers, professors, trainers, artists and facilitators.

I am a queer, first generation, middle class, cis-gendered woman of Indian descent. I acknowledge that Canada sits on the ancestral and unfairly colonized territories of many Indigenous nations, who are the traditional stewards of its land and resources.  I am a grateful settler and visitor here.


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Nadia Chaney's ability to work from a place of compassion and non-judgment stems from the unique position of an activist dedicated to this moment lived as facilitator, mentor, and poet. Towards a social arts practice and in group work, her commitment to deep listening and desire to see strengths where others see weakness help her guide groups or individuals powerfully through challenging questions and towards well informed answers. When discovering unexpected results or impact, her flexible stance and healing sense of humour help shift confusion into transformation. I highly recommend Nadia's services to anyone looking for a mentor on a path towards change. 

Through Partners for Youth Empowerment creative facilitation trainings and a four week mentorship in community arts, Nadia helped me towards a place of strength, love, and transformation that in the end, felt wholly mine

Barb Danielewski, Community Organizer, Kingston, Ontario

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